Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia (2012)


Collectible scale model of the car, scale 1:43. Designed and produced by TMTmodels for collEXhi. Only two models left!

Packaging is a plastic box with a transparent bottom covered with a flock and a cardboard box.
Body material – French resin.
Body color – Azzurro Polizia (RAL 5023)
Photectched details: wipers, grilles in the front and rear bumper, stop signals and the Lamborghini logo on the rear.
Headlights, front direction indicators, and rear lights are made of transparent resin and painted in appropriate colors.
The interior is painted in blue with inserts of black and silver.
Elements of the exhaust system are highlighted in silver.
Special police equipment and devices are installed inside the car.
The wheels have non-rotating brake discs with calipers.
Tires are resin, apparently not different from rubber.
All of the decals that relate to it are applied and topped with lacquer.
Limited edition, 40 pieces.

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The first Gallardo Polizia appeared in the service of the Italian police in 2004. In 2008, they were replaced by newer versions, and the most recent Gallardo in the Italian police was the LP560-4 Polizia 2012 model.

The cabin of the car is equipped with a video surveillance system with a camera near the rear-view mirror, which allows recording all offenses. Once the police detect a suspicious driver, they activate this system. With GPS data, the device can calculate the location of the Lamborghini, the direction of travel and speed. In combination with the system of determining the distance to the object being pursued, the police receive accurate data on its speed mode. The transfer of information from the camera in real mode to the nearest police station allows you to instantly identify stolen vehicles.

Lamborghini is regularly used to transport urgent medical supplies, such as organs for transplantation. The luggage compartment in the front of the car is equipped with a special cooling system for safe transportation of donor organs.

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