GAZ 31022 Volga (based on GAZ 3102) full kit


Full kit, casted out of high-quality French polyurethane. Scalemodel of GAZ 31022 Volga.

Kit includes:
Body material – French resin.
Photoetching details: front wipers, rear wiper, door handles, fifth door handle, petrol tank hatch, door locks, moldings on gutters and around the fifth door.
Headlights, front direction indicators and rear lights are made of transparent resin.
Interior has 3 rows of seats.
The grille and bumpers are chrome plated. Black lining for the bumpers is made with decals.
Grilles near the hood and on the deflector from the rear are decals.
The dashboard is made by decals.
The mudguards of the rear wheels are made of photoetching.

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The station wagon based on the GAZ 3102 Volga was manufactured by the special orders of the KGB, ministries and other serious state institutions. As a matter of fact it was the same, more prestigious and comfortable Volga GAZ 3102, but with a station wagon body from GAZ 24-12 (except for a front part of the car).

The exact number of cars is not known and no one has survived to this day, although after 1991, several replicas of wagons based on GAZ 3102 from mass Volga station wagons were made.

This kit allows you to assemble the GAZ 3102 Volga in 1/43 scale. Kit include all the details such as body and small parts, transparent plastic windows, chromed grille and bumpers, chrommed window moldings and all body moldings, decals, rubber tires, transparent fromt and rear lights, etc.

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