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When you need to make 1000, 10 000 or 1 000 000 pieces of any goods – you turn to a factory or a plant, most often in China. But what if you need to make one, two or ten samples? If this is a new product on the market and you need to study its market prospects, make a promo video for Kickstarter or try the product in the real world without or ordering a whole container!


We have a great experience of work with different materials, such as plastic, metal, rubber, various paints, coatings and printings. We know how to make a quality sample product from the scratch, we know what technologies will produce the expected result and this knowledge is indispensable when creating prototypes and promotional samples.


Therefore, if you want to get a responsible approach to the solution of the problem, the ability to observe at all stages of development from the 3D model to the production of the finished physical sample and the qualitative result as a result – contact us right now.

Device Bodies For Mevics

Having received low-quality 3D billets, we reworked them, brought them to a good level of detalisation. Than we painted them with the softtouch paint and printed the logos. Some elements were made from scratch or completely redone. As a result, the customer received high-quality cases for devices, and we get a satisfied customer.

Secret Startup Project

This project is finished but didn’t presented yet by the founder on Kickstarter. We will add more info after presentation.

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