1:43 BMW M5 (E34) by TMTmodels for LUTHE.

Even the brief story about this car is always necessary to start from this photo.

It is factory-made, and not just for the sake of peacockery or false sporty image. There is something that unites these cars making two sedans closer the red supercar behind. And this is engine. Six-cylinder 3.5-liter in-line engine M88 was designed for the BMW M1 in 1978. It was the first series-produced mid-engined BMW and it was produced in less than 500 copies during three years. Road version with this engine had only 277 hp, but the turbocharged racing version had up to 850 hp!

The same engine, but with the increased power to 286 hp, was shown at the Amsterdam Autoshow on the BMW M5 E28, the first BMW M5. In addition to the engine, suspension was completely redesigned and a mechanical five-speed transmission Getrag 280/5 was installed. During the production of the M5 E28,the catalytic converter was installed to meet environmental standards of the North American market. Engine got a new name S38B35, while power dropped to 256 hp. But it was only for US and Canada, meanwhile in Europe BMW M5 was  equippes with the same M88 engine.

In 1988, specifically for the new generation of the fifth series (E34) was developed a new engine, based on the S38 engine. It received the name S38B36, enlarged to 3.6 liters volume and 315 hp power with a maximum torque of 360 Nm. Like the M5 E28, M5 E34 was hand-assembling on a new production site of BMW Motorsport in Garching (Munich suburb).

The 5-series E34 generation was an important step for the BMW. The first time BMW 5-series became a serious contender for the Mercedes in the competition for the wallets of successful businessmans and representatives of the upper middle class. And the main advantage of BMW there was a hint of sportiness and driving pleasure, even in the regular versions  (520, 525, 530, etc.). And M5 version, hand-built with a powerful engine (leading their ancestry afrom a sports car) was the “cherry on the cake” in the model trim of the 5-series.

At the end of 1991, was began production of M5 with S38B38 engine, it received an increase in volume to 3.8 liters, power increased to 340 hp and the torque to 400 Nm. Externally, the car with this engine got the new BMW Style 21 (“throwing star”) rims with plastic wheel caps. Cars with this engine sold in Europe and South Africa, while the USA, Canada and Japan markets had the older S38B36 engine throughout the whole period of the E34 M5 production.

Needless to say that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, for the sporty nature and aggressive design E34 gained the fame of a “gangster car”. In the early 90s it was often used by the members of criminal groups. Even now, almost 30 years after its launch, E34 in a good condition it is a matter of respect, and an abundance of aftermarket bumpers “like the M5” and M5 nameplates on the trunk (instead of pull out of 520, or even 518) proves the success of the 5-series in the E34 body, and especially its M-version.

Naturally, scalemodels manufacturers produced a various versions of E34. Starting with the models from Schabak, released in the late eighties and ending with Minichamps and NEO.

Minichamps Model is scaled correctly (unlike NEO), has better detalization than Schabak, but less detailed than the NEO. Open the hood and related technological limitations defaced the front part of the model, making it less recognizable.

Detalization level of NEO scalemodel can please even the most discerning collectors, but they smash to smithereens this model because of disproportional body, the cloudy lights, and a huge wheels, and the miss of the scale. NEO scalemodel complies 1:42 scale, instead of 1:43, and against the Minichamps model it looks like a SUV…

For the order of “LUTHE Deutch Modellautos”, TMTmodels workshop started the production of  the 1:43 scale BMW M5 E34 models of 1992 model year. It is available as the European left hand drive version in the different interior and exterior colors.

The model has a good detalization of all elements of the exterior and interior. Inside, the dasbord, music/climate block, air vents and windows buttons are made of decal.

The rear seat has an interesting M5 option, the armrest between the passengers, which separates the rear sofa for two passenger seats.

Exterior mirros is available in two options: regular mirrors and reduced aerodynamic M-mirrors.

Door handles, trunk lock, all front grilles, M5 badges on the trunk and the grille – made of photoetching.

Tires are made of natural rubber with the highest level of detalization. Using a magnifying glass, you can see the brand, model and even the dimensions description of the tire.

All models  are painted with the same paints, which is used for painting of it’s prototypes (real cars), all colors are chosed by the BMW factory names and codes.

The bottom looking close to the Minichamps model, but it has some differences. Also TMTmodels bottom has the only one hole to attach the model to the podium and no protruding bolts!

For your model you can choose rear spoiler, transparent or orange turnlights and Shadow Line window moldings. Any interior color and even any exterior color palette of the BMW are available too. In fact, it’s possible to assemble completely individual  1:43 scalemodel of BMW M5 E34, which will be totally unique!

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